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Skills - Tu Employment ™

“The most important aspect of our work and ethos is the importance of promoting choice and personal responsibility for change. We believe that education and skills support an empowering point of view that will stimulate individuals to achieve more”

What’s involved?

Skills-Tu Employment – Seven half day sessions (21 Hours)

Skills-Tu Employment Extended Course – Assessment plus ten half day sessions (31 hours).

Skills-Tu Employment™ is an accredited educational programme that will help you both step out of your comfort zone and improve your pitch to an employer. The main aim of the programme is to give people tools to change their language and presentation.

Often the objections that people find difficult to overcome are:

  • Previous convictions
  • Fear of being worse off
  • Substance misuse problem
  • A long time out of work
  • Lack of experience
  • Perceived disabilities.

In truth we know the work place is full of people with experiences similar to yours who have gone on to become successful in their jobs and also climbed their career ladder. So…why were they successful?

The answer is quite simple really their approach, skills or attitude was different. All of which YOU CAN CHANGE?

The Skills-Tu Employment programme™ is a unique insight into achieving a happy and successful career that you can be proud of. We will give you skills and knowledge for:

Tailored CV – teaching you how to write or adjust your CV to fit with around the employers needs. Understanding an employer’s needs and what makes them tick. Being concise and stimulating interest.

Being successful at interviews – getting across a good attitude to work and demonstrating you are worth the investment.

Making your experience count - Even negative past experiences are valuable for employers since they demonstrate an attitude for change.

Job getting – Why job seek when a confident outlook will mean you stop seeking and start getting

Your first job – Knowing how to impress in your first month at work. How do you deal with feeling awkward

Learning on the job – being open to change and transferring and reapplying your skills

Upward mobility – It’s not just about keeping your job, it’s about learning new skills and promotion. Satisfying your drive to achieve more, gaining experience or reaching higher gives people a sense of satisfaction.

Need more information? Why not watch and read the testimonials below to find out how others have benefited from Intuitive Recovery ™.


Phone us on 0800 069 9198 to see if there is a classroom near you or if you are interested in purchasing the Skills-Tu Employment course in your area? Just get in touch to discuss how local partnerships are taking advantage of this exciting development in E.T.E.

This E-Learning course is in development.

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I am getting more and more confident with myself to move forward and stay motivated. This course has given me the strength to continue on my journey to find a full time job.

D.H – Ealing

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